Past Perfect Continuous Tense

1. इन वाक्यो में आए verbs had been playing तथा had been standing Past Perfect Continuous tense में है।
For example:
(a) Tom stopped for a rest after he had been playing for two hours.
(b) Hari had been standing for ten minutes before the door was opened.
2. इनसे बोध होता है कि कोई कार्य भूतकाल में एक निश्चित समय तक जारी था।
3. Direct speech में जब present perfect tense और reporting verb past tense में रहे तब indirect speech में past perfect continuous का प्रयोग किया जाता है।
For example:
(a) He said that he had been living here for six months.
Forms of the verb:
इस tense में verb का रूप होता है।
had + been + verb + ing.